Divorce Coaching

How Did We Get Here?  My journey to becoming a divorce coach.





I am a certified life coach specializing in divorce. My personal experiences, education, training and mostly my powerful intuition all come together to form a unique perspective. I bring all of these to the table as I guide clients to finding the ground, discovering their voice and developing a stronger connection to their true selves.

I suffered from clinical depression for 8 years in my 20’s. In my healing process I truly found a modality of healing that resonated and truly worked for me. While I was going through marriage counseling in this modality with my ex-husband he asked what I was passionate about. When I searched my soul I realized I felt the most alive when I would offer help to new members of our therapy community at our weekend residential therapy retreats. This is when I truly felt alive.

So, when my therapist, April Prita Manganiello, started the Institute for Conscious Counseling and Coaching in Essex, Massachusetts, I enrolled! After a two and a half year intensive program of half instruction and half practicum, I graduated a certified life coach in January of 2010.

As I went through my own divorce, I continued my personal growth work with my therapist and my coach. As my divorce process neared its conclusion, I realized I should actually specialize in divorce as my niche.

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