Wow, I haven’t written in a really, really long time! I am preparing for my next retreat with my coach, Joanne Lutz, “Calling In The Muse.” One of our prep steps is to read (well, I listen in the car) Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am LOVING it! Probably why I’m actually writing, again.

If you are family or a Facebook friend, you are well aware of what has traditionally been my annual pattern. I tend to have some sort of funk, every year. When in the year it starts, varies. How long it lasts, varies. How deep it goes, varies. Yep, had another one this year. They seem to be lightening, I continued to work with Joanne, go to support group, etc. this time (which hasn’t always been the case). But no way around it, they SUCK!!!

I do have a new modality I am excited to try to see if it can change things and that’s EMDR. Haven’t scheduled the appointment, yet, because honestly they usually start late fall, early winter. But if I’m truly honest about it, probably would be a good idea to look in to starting EMDR now. I’ll let you do your own research about what EMDR is, if you’re interested.

What I really wanted to write about is the emergence, what it’s like when I come out of these funks.

Well, I was already emerging out of it when I returned to Costa Rica, this time with my 2 daughters on a group tour. If you’re new to following me on social media or here, then you don’t know that my first major retreat was in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica led by Joanne and with 2 dear friends as fellow participants and it was called “Embracing The Magic” (Are you catching a theme here, yet?) On this most recent trip to Costa Rica, from the second our plane’s wheels hit the tarmac in San José, I saw the mountains, took a nice deep breath and felt the magic enter my body. If you have never been to Costa Rica, I urge you to go. It is truly a magical place. The energy of the earth, the people, the flora, topography, the wildlife. I’ve traveled quite a bit and I have never experienced a place like this. #puravida

IMG_6997 IMG_6995 IMG_7081 IMG_7006



When I was in Costa Rica this second time around, I again had many magical experiences. One in particular, was when I chose to move out of my comfort zone, put my Deep Blue rub on my knees and hike down 518 (Livie and her friend Leighton on the trip counted them) extremely steep stairs down to the base of La Fortuna Waterfall to swim in the natural pool. Take a break, more Deep Blue and then hike back up them. Our wonderful guide Heidi cautioned us that if we have bad knees, we might not want to do it. I have bad knees (although they’re getting better), but I didn’t relax in to that as an excuse. Swimming in the natural pool of a waterfall was a bucket list item for me. When I posted the pic of me in the pool to Facebook, I was nervous as the funk meant extra weight gain and I was a little body conscious. The pic and story got more likes than when I posted my professional photo shoot pics. Wow! To top it off, one of my soul sisters from when I did Iyanla Vanzant’s Wonder Woman Weekend Workshop told me she was getting the sense another huge transformation was on the horizon for me.

la-fortuna-waterfall stairs

So even though this emergence has been amazing, how it is unique this time is it is also more grounded than it has ever been before. Our modality works a lot with the Tibetan philosophy of the Elements (Earth, Space, Fire, Air and Water). I am striving and moving toward living in balance. I am also a Fire personality (or a Pitta Ayurvedic Dosha). But I now know, when I my Fire dims low, sometimes all the way down to just red coals, is when the funks tend to come in. In the past, when I have emerged, my fire has RAGED, it’s actually been too much. This time it is way more in balance.

I know there are many contributing factors to this more balance. One of them is I practice many different modalities. Wonder Woman Weekend solidified my relationship with God that I have always had. It transformed it from Disconnection to Wholeness. I returned with a risen vibration, a knowledge and comfort with the Divine within me, in a way I never have before. I told Joanne, “Let’s kick it up a notch!” and she of course, obliged. She encourages me to try different things on to see what resonates and works for me.

This had led me to opening up to Spirit’s putting the acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in front of me that was meant for me. I’ve done acupuncture before, when we lived in Massachusetts. But since being in Connecticut, none of the practitioners’ cards or names resonated with me, so I never made an appointment. I know now, Universe was having me wait for Karen. I met Karen a year after she moved to Darien as her daughter joined my older Cadette Girl Scout troop. The following week, she was in my meditation class at the library. Out of context, I didn’t recognize her until she came up to me after. Found out, she was an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner. Invited her to come to Beth Leas’s Total Life Care Center’s networking breakfast the following week and we haven’t looked back since. I started seeing her as a client immediately upon our return from Costa Rica.

She has introduced me to The Dragon’s Way, Qigong, Master Lu and countless new things. I am seeing immediate changes in my body as we bring my organs, Qi, so much in to balance. She is also an essential oils wise woman and has joined my team. I am doing dōTERRA 30 day Spring cleanse.

I now start my Wednesdays with Karen, then move right in to my weekly call with Joanne. WOW! So much is coming in to alignment, getting unstuck, getting released, getting healed.

I just booked my next two retreats: “Calling In The Muse” with Joanne in Western Mass in June and “Imagine A Woman” with Dani Stillwell and Mama Yahfaw (members of Mama Iyanla’s God Squad from Wonder Woman) on Lake Huron, MI in July. I am looking in to going to one of Karen’s teacher (Master Nan Lu’s) Dragon’s Way Deep Dive retreats up in Garrison, NY.

As Elizabeth Gilbert advises in Big Magic, I wrote this for me.

Writing is healing for me.


I am living Pura Vida!