So, finally, how did I get unstuck?

Rings End Bridge, Darien, CT

First and foremost, the observer realized I was stuck. The observer, of course, being me, my true self. I saw the signs I mentioned at the beginning of stuck, there was no motion in my life.

Next, as I mentioned before, I, the true me, was honest and vulnerable on my prep form for a Salon session. Debra replied, “Let’s look at this on the Salon session call.” When she opened the forum, me, the true me, stepped in the middle.

Bird in middle

Kara Glover Billhardt

While I was in the “middle” true me drove the car. Prita has taught me that in all work, this is the case, the true, core self is driving the car, my job as a healer is to just tune in. Debra did this (as did the other women in the Salon). She asked me what the one thing was I thought I needed to get unstuck. I struggled. She helped me re-frame it and asked if it was the other women in stuck, would they be worthy of getting unstuck. I said, of course.
You see, I have always been extremely compassionate for others. One of my self descriptors. Prita related once how people ask her what she sees when she meets someone for the first time and she replies, “Core.” I see the exact same thing when I meet someone. I see their core. Their one true self. Their soul. Because of the depressions though, I haven’t been compassionate toward myself. Why wasn’t I worthy of getting unstuck. Of course, I am. But how? Epiphany! I needed to do Joanne’s Mirror meditation.

I committed to the action item of doing the Mirror meditation that very day. If you’re interested in what the Mirror meditation is, let me know and I’ll point you to Joanne’s newsletter where I learned it. I went to the mirror. I started to try to be the observer, not the one being observed. I realized I never smile at myself. People always comment on how much they love my smile. I am a goddess of welcome!! I am uber friendly. I form connections rapidly. So, I did all this for myself. I smiled at myself. My eyes lit up. Again, another epiphany. My smile is in my eyes. That’s what everyone loves about my smile. My smile is in my window to my soul, my eyes!

Voila! Unstuck! I continued to practice this numerous times over the next few days. Whenever I saw my reflection, I smiled at Me!